Social Action

Social action is deeply rooted in Jewish values. Our tradition teaches us the importance of Tikkun Olam--or repairing the world.

Being engaged in issues of social justice that affect our neighbors is of utmost importance to us as a progressive Jewish community.  As such, we offer a robust social action program with impactful programs and ongoing relationships to enable our members to express their Jewish values--and teach these to their children--through community engagement.

Our social action platform centers around two main Jewish values:

  • Welcoming the Stranger (Hachnasat Orchim)
  • Feeding the Hungry (an act of lovingkindness, or Gemilut Hasadim)

We live these essential values through a series of year-round events and activities organized by members of our social action committee, often in partnership with other community organizations.  Click on either topic above to learn more about our social action programs.

If you would like to become involved in any of our social action programs, e-mail the committee chairperson.


Our Social Justice committee regularly organizes events in response to local and national issues that pertain to issues of social, economic and environmental justice. For example, CSI recently hosted a family-centered event held by Rockland Families for Social Justice to show solidarity for refugees and immigrants in our community. We also hosted an open-to-the-public talk by Clarkstown councilwoman Stephanie Hausner called Advocacy 101, where participants learned how to channel their energy for political change into impactful actions.
Rockland Families for Social Justice
Keep Rockland Beautiful


People to People

Our congregation partners with People to People to help address the material needs of lower income children and families in Rockland county.  Two to three times per year, we hold a food drive to benefit their Food Pantry. We have also hosted clothing drives for the organization as well.

As of Spring 2017, we have partnered with People to People to cultivate a community garden on the beautiful CSI grounds in order supplement the organization’s non-perishable food pantry with fresh produce. The garden is maintained by a group of volunteers from both CSI and People to People, and with help from our Hebrew School students.  Sign up to volunteer to pick vegetables and herbs and deliver them to People to People here


Israel Bonds Brunch Honoree

It was an honor to attend and celebrate the annual Israel Bonds Brunch.  CSI's 2018 honoree was Tamara Freuman.  We had a great time and raised a lot of money for Israel.