One of the first, if not the first, Jewish ritual is connected to birth. Rabbi Russo will work with your family to create a personal ceremony to sanctify new life and bring your child into the Jewish covenant and community. Barring medical concerns, the Brit Milah takes place on the eighth day after a male baby is born. For Britot, Rabbi Russo can work with and suggest mohalim for the family to use to perform the circumcision. 

Baby naming ceremonies for girls are more flexible with timing. Families can choose to do a ceremony on the eighth day in a true egalitarian fashion, on the thirtieth day, or on a date that is convenient for friends and family. Baby naming ceremonies for girls are more flexible because there has not been a traditional fixed ritual. It can take place over Shabbat or during the week. All of the ceremonies may be held in the synagogue, home, or other location. There usually is a festive meal, a seudat mitzvah, to follow.  

For all of our ceremonies we incorporate family members, personal touches, blessings, and announce the baby’s Hebrew name, often for the first time. Together we will craft and develop a ceremony and ritual experience that is right for you and your family during this exciting and often hectic time.