Social Life

People in the CSI community truly enjoy spending time together outside of the sanctuary or Hebrew School. We host a variety of time-honored (and newer) social events as an excuse to get together, whether for meaningful holiday experiences or just some good old fashioned fun.

Tashlich on the Hudson

We gather at the edge of the Hudson River to cast away our sins on Rosh Hashanah with spiritual intentions and bread crumbs.


Pizza in the Hut

We learn about Sukkot with our children and eat pizza in the Sukkah.


Dancing with the Torahs

On Simchat Torah we begin with a family program and meal to celebrate our sacred texts with music and dance.


Lots of Latkes

During Hanukkah we have a big event where we have children’s activities and eat Hanukkah delicacies. 


Purim Carnival

The entire community gathers together to celebrate Purim with carnival games, raffles, prizes, face paint, and so much more!


Sparky and Burning Hametz

Participate in the mitzvah of burning hametz (bread) before Passover begins.  We have an antique firetruck and fire safety mascot Sparky for our youngest participants. 


Matzah Brei on the Porch

We head to Art Cafe for a night of matzah brei and the chance to eat out during Passover!


Lag B’Omer BBQ

An end-of-year BBQ that celebrates the holiday of Lag B’Omer and the end of school.


Rockland Boulders Game

Join us for a summer baseball game right in Pomona as we cheer on our very own Rockland Boulders!


Friday Night Dinner Club

The dinner club is a wonderful way to celebrate Shabbat with old CSI friends as well as a great way to make new ones. There are three cycles during the year. You will be invited to someone else’s home twice and you are asked to host once.