Habonim is a vibrant group of congregants who come together for social experiences. There was an expressed need for programs geared to those congregants 50 years and older. As a result, a meeting was held for those interested in helping to organize events. The name Habonim, the builders, was chosen.

We dine together, attend theatrical productions and concerts, have health and wellness programs including workshops and hikes, etc. Congregants share their areas of interests/expertise around these programs. Specific program examples include: attending Mara Karg’s performances at Elmwood Playhouse and Bergen Playhouse, Sue Kirshner’s evening of operatic music and the Weidenbaum’s family/extended family plays. Randi Shebitz graciously opened her home for a healthy luncheon following wellness workshops at the synagogue. And for the more physically active, David and Ronnie Spokony led hikes in Harriman State Park. Another activity included a beautiful day of observing sculpture at Storm King Art Center. 

Habonim will continue to organize activities suggested by our “seasoned” members. Feel free to contact coordinator Sherry Glickman (Sherrilah@optonline.net) with your suggestions.