At Congregation Sons of Israel, we love the energy that our young families bring to the community, and welcome you here.  We have a “pray ground” at the rear of our sanctuary where children are free to play during services so that our parents can participate even when their little ones are less interested in doing so.  Surrounded by the melodies and sounds of Shabbat week after week as they play, children become increasingly comfortable in our space, familiar with the tunes of our liturgy and accustomed to the smiling faces of those in the community.


All types of families are welcome at CSI. We are a Big Tent congregation that celebrates diversity, and our community is comprised of people with different physical abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, and faiths.  We offer a judgment-free zone and safe space for all.


Our families love our beautiful outdoor playground.  On Saturday afternoons, it’s the informal hangout place for parents to linger for a while catching up while their children play.